Rotary Forging

We have the advanced technology of rotary forging, under the registration trademark of DENN. Rotary forging is a double-die forging process that deforms only a small portion of a work piece at a time in a continuous manner. With the advent of industrial technology, rotary forging has become increasingly popular due to the huge savings in raw materials, energy and the process. Moreover, it ensures a better surface quality finish, higher accuracy and precision. Hence, rotary forging is considered beneficial, as it needs comparatively low investment in tools and machinery. The different parts manufactured by this process are wheel performs, gears, discs etc. Aditya Machinery, pioneers in the industry of metal spin forming machines and tools, offer top of the range technology and services, making us the preferred choice in the various industries like Automobiles, Ventilation, Lighting Aerospace, to name a few. The technology of rotary forging enables us to make efficient and optimum use of materials as well as minimizing machining and welding operations. Rotary forging requires less force, between 5% to 20% of conventional forming presses, due to reduction in contact and friction; resulting in smaller presses and simpler tools. high flexibility (small modifications allow new geometries) lower tooling costs, less number of tooling changes and shaping stages very high dimensional precision (near net shape) reduction / elimination of burrs high finish quality (elimination of cracks) hardening of the material and optimized grained structure minimizing / elimination of machining and welding operations please add this content to the rotary forging page of aditya website