Posted on : August 27, 2017

Aditya Machinery, one of the oldest and pioneer players in the field of metal spin forming machinery tools in India, has made our astounding presence in the various industries like automotive, aerospace, pipe, oil and gas, to name a few.

Registered under the trademark of DENN, we deliver world class machine tools to diverse industries and have a large global presence.

To keep up the promise of quality, majority of our raw materials and parts are imported from across the world and our highly advanced R&D has been able to make tremendous progress in developing scientific processes, machines and mechanisms for the manufacture of various components.

Having been in the market since 1885, we have been able to witness the evolving needs and demands of our customers; fulfilling them satisfactorily and thereby being the preferred choice for some of the best quality products worldwide!

We specialize in CNC Flow Forming Machinery, spinning lathes , flow forming lathe machines (RL, RLE) , trimming and beading machines (RB, RBH, RBI) , tube closing/neck machines (CTA, CTS) , machines for manufacturing wheels and pulleys (MP, MPH) along with several other special machineries.

Apart from products, what makes us inevitable to our customers is that we provide several add-on services and solutions to them, like opportunities for free in-house training facilities, in the areas of the machine operation and functioning as well as fault diagnosis to the customer staff.

We have a well developed CHECK program which allows connecting the customer machines with our Home computer system and effectively detect most of the defaults that might possibly occur.

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