Posted on : August 29, 2017

Having made a strong presence felt since 1885, Aditya Machinery specializes in metal forming technologies. Located in Pune, Maharashtra, we are the pioneers in the metal spin forming machinery tools in India. Registered under the trademark of DENN, the machinery is introduced and marketed by us. With a world class quality to boast of, DENN machine-tools are made from the finest materials sourced globally. We also have the best in class R&D to help develop the best of technologies available and cater to our customers worldwide.

Aditya Machinery offers top quality Metal flow forming machines, Sheet metal forming machinery, flow forming machinery and  lathe, to name a few. And these are used in diverse industries like Automobiles, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Lighting and Ventilation.

Today metal spin forming and flow forming technologies have revolutionized by the whole process by allowing for innovation and cost effective engineering/redesigning.

Our products include Rotary forging machines, Spinning lathes, flow forming lathes (RL, RLE), Trimming and Beading machines (RB, RBH, RBI), Tube Closing/Necking Machines (CTA, CTS), Machinery for  Manufacturing Wheels (MP, MPH), Flow forming machines and Tube closing CNG cylinders.

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