Posted on : September 11, 2017

Components weight reduction is quite a top priority for many metal formed parts. Aditya Machinery, through DENN, provides excellent solutions to this issue, through different process like rotary forging. Having been founded since 1885, Aditya Machinery has established themselves as pioneers in the areas of metal forming technologies like metal spinning, Metal Flow Forming Lathe Machinery, and Metal Rotary Forming Machine; proliferating across different industries like aerospace, automobiles, ventilation, lighting etc.

One of the main process for which we develop machines include flow forming. Flow forming is at times also termed as controlled metal spinning process. However, the major difference between flow forming and metal spinning is that latter does not hold precise control of contours whereas the former results in precise thickness and accuracy in the final product.

Flow forming always allows more room for innovation, cost effective reengineering as well as redesigning of the product.

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