Posted on : September 11, 2020

Joan Francesc Puigjaner, CEO of INDUSTRIAS PUIGJANER S.A. – DENN, and Professor Francesc Torres, Rector of the UNIVERSITAT POLITÉCNICA DE CATALUNYA – UPC, have recently signed a cooperation agreement. According to it, among other issues, the UPC will be given for use an NTR-25 spin forming lathe within the framework of the CONDISIM joint project dedicated to the study of conformability in incremental deformation processes. The objectives of this cooperation are the study of formability for a range of materials, the specialized training of workshop and technical staff, and the use of DENN machinery for demonstration purposes as a part UPC courses and master programs. The projected term of this assignment is 4 years, which can be extended by mutual agreement. The spin forming and flow forming technologies offer a sustainable solution for the manufacturing sectors with high production rates and requirements. As a world leader in this field, strengthened by the priceless support of the UPC university network, DENN does its best to promote the spread of knowledge on this technology. We strongly believe that this collaboration will bring benefits to both parties as well as to the manufacturing industry of our country.

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