Posted on : May 25, 2017

Quality metal forming is an essential element that keeps the manufacturing industry up and running year after year. To get highest quality as the final output, manufacturers invest abundance in the right amount of research and development to gain finest and most reliable quality of metal, which forms a strong basis of a quality wise outstanding product, and helps the manufacturing industry operate without any interruption.

So, now it’s time to check out the best metal forming techniques and machinery that are trusted and widely used by a variety of manufacturer’s worldwide.

Metal Forming

Metal forming is a technique that is specifically used in terms of fashioning metal parts or objects. The process is carried out through mechanical deformation. The beauty of this process is that the work piece is given a desired shape, without removing or adding any material. This means the mass of the metal used, remains unchanged. Forming basically operates on the principles of materials science and plastic deformation, where the shape of the material or metal is changed permanently.

Uses of Metal Forming Machine
  • Creation of individual parts
  • Precise engine parts
  • Cutting & Joining processes
Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming is a fully fledged industrial process, employed into thin and flat metal pieces. Sheet metal is a primary process used to cut, flatten and bend metal into various shapes. Not alone, manufacturing units, but we get a glimpse of sheet metal fabrication even in everyday objects. Thickness of these sheets can vary drastically, the thinnest measuring sheets known as leaf or foil and sheets larger or thicker than 6mm are considered as plate. These sheets are made available in flat and rolled coils.

Types of metals that go under the sheet Metal Forming machine to come out as clean and thin metal sheets ready for multiple uses –

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Tin &
  • Titanium

For special a decorative purposes, the following precious metals as well are rolled into thin sheets –

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

*Please note that the above mentioned precious metals are also used as catalysts to bring out the best change.

Uses of Sheet Metal

  • Automobiles
  • Airplane fuselage
  • Airplane wings
  • Roofs
  • Transformers ( in laminated steel cores)
  • Electric machines

CNC sheet metal forming technique

CNC Sheet metal forming is a technique that offers various design opportunities and offers the best forming accuracy. CNC Metal forming machines helps create metal strength, tightness and tolerance in the chosen metal. The repeatable process helps gain complex and controlled formed geometries.

CNC Metal sheets, created with the help of forming technologies have the strength, design and come at lower costs.

Uses of Sheet Metal forming machines

  • Cutting
  • Pressing Shaping
  • Forming metal sheets
  • Useful in various industries like, automotive, aerospace, ventilation, household, lighting & building, chemical & medical etc, it is important to procure these machines from reliable manufacturers that follow the required standardization and certifications.

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